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Target Rail System – European Union Agency for Railways

Published on
24 April 2024
  1. Vision for European Rail: The vision for the Target Rail System aims to establish rail as the backbone of European mobility within an open, shared multimodal transport system, enhancing connectivity and interoperability across the EU.

  2. User Experience: Emma’s story illustrates the system’s user-friendly and efficient operation, showcasing real-time updates, interoperability that minimises delays, and integrated ticketing across various transport modes.

  3. Advanced Features: The rail system includes state-of-the-art trains with automatic operations and lightweight, energy-efficient designs, ensuring high traffic frequency and improved passenger comfort.

  4. Seamless Multimodal Integration: Emma’s journey highlights seamless integration between high-speed and regional trains, including automatic luggage transfers and provisions for missed connections, emphasising reliability and passenger convenience.

  5. Strategic Development Needs: To achieve the target rail system, investment is needed in open data access, interconnected transport infrastructure, multimodal traffic management, market liberalisation for journey retailing, and adopting new technologies like automatic train operations.