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Amcham EU

Published on
28 June 2024

Discover the Revamped “Invested in Europe” Platform: Faster, Smarter, Better

At #inextremis, we are thrilled to unveil the redesigned “Invested in Europe” platform, developed in close collaboration with our long-standing client, AmCham EU. This dynamic platform showcases the significant contributions of American companies to the European economy, environment, and communities.

Enhanced User Experience

Our latest overhaul focuses on accessibility and efficiency. Information is now more rapidly available and organised through advanced selectors, ensuring users can easily find what they need. Whether you’re exploring topics like sustainable mobility or social responsibility, the platform offers a seamless experience.

Key Features and Insights

In-Depth Case Studies

The platform features detailed case studies highlighting American companies’ innovative and impactful contributions across Europe. These studies cover various sectors, including energy, technology, healthcare, and environmental sustainability, providing concrete examples of transatlantic collaboration.

Maps and Reports

Users can explore maps that visualise American investments’ geographical distribution and European impact. Detailed reports offer comprehensive data and analysis on investment trends, economic contributions, and future outlooks, making them invaluable resources for policymakers, business leaders, and researchers.

Topics and Filters

The platform allows users to filter content by topics such as decarbonised energy, circular economy, social responsibility, and sustainable mobility. This feature ensures that users can quickly access relevant information tailored to their interests.

Long-Standing Partnership

Our collaboration with AmCham EU spans several years, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. The updated “Invested in Europe” platform is a testament to this enduring partnership, highlighting the pivotal role of US businesses in Europe’s sustainable development.

Testimonials and Impact Stories

The platform also includes testimonials from key stakeholders, including business leaders, policymakers, and community members, providing personal perspectives on the impact of American investments. These stories underscore these investments’ positive social, economic, and environmental contributions.

Future Developments

Looking ahead, the platform will continue to evolve, incorporating new data, case studies, and features to ensure it remains a cutting-edge resource. Regular updates will reflect the latest trends and developments in transatlantic economic relations.

Explore the new features and see how American investments make a difference across Europe. Visit today to experience the improvements firsthand.