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Published on
20 April 2024

Enhancing Connectivity and Sustainability: Explore the CER Website

The European railway industry stands at the forefront of connectivity, trade facilitation, and eco-friendly commuting. It’s a dynamic sector that drives sustainable transport solutions across the continent.

As your navigational tool, the CER website demystifies the complexities of the European railway landscape. This platform has been exuberantly upgraded, particularly during the #EuropeDay and the #EuropeanYearofSkills celebrations. The transformation is a collaborative achievement spearheaded by the CER communication team and our innovative digital unit.

Now more intuitive and user-friendly, the refurbished website blends modern aesthetics with superior functionality, enhancing accessibility to CER news, positions, and resources. It offers a rich repository of insights, vividly detailing the industry’s structure, key players, and regulatory frameworks. This digital gateway simplifies exploring the intricate dynamics within the railway sector.

Rooted deeply in policy formulation and advocacy, CER amplifies the voice of European railways. The optimised website chronicles the organisation’s steadfast efforts to influence policy decisions at the European Union level, shaping regulations and advancing the railway sector’s growth.

The upgraded CER website spotlights the European railway industry, enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability. It showcases research initiatives, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices in rail transportation.

Further enriching the visitor experience, the website features an improved events calendar. This section marks significant conferences, workshops, and seminars focused on railway-oriented topics, making it easier for visitors to stay informed about upcoming events and access resources from past meetings.

The enhanced news and publications section keeps you abreast of the latest developments, including policy changes, industry trends, and technological advancements.

The revitalised CER website, born from a meticulous collaboration between the dedicated CER communication team and our creative unit, is an unparalleled resource for anyone looking to understand the European railway landscape. It sets a new benchmark in digital communication for European associations.

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