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Published on
16 March 2024

Shining a Light on Success: How the #BetterLighting Campaign Illuminates the Path for Industry Excellence

A well-orchestrated campaign has the power to bring about pivotal changes and make a positive impact on people’s lives. The European Lighting Summit and its associated promotional drive are examples of such a campaign. Spearheaded by LightingEurope, this initiative stands as a beacon, highlighting the journey towards #BetterLighting across the continent. This article delves into the strategies that made the #BetterLighting campaign a luminary project in the industry’s history, showcasing how our agency played a crucial role in this radiant achievement.

The Genesis of #BetterLighting

At the heart of the #BetterLighting campaign lies an intricate web of communication strategies, expertly woven to spotlight the lighting industry’s innovations. The campaign started with the launch of valueoflightingEU, a digital platform serving as the central beacon for information dissemination. This website was not just a repository of facts but a lighthouse guiding the industry’s stakeholders through the benefits and advancements in lighting technology.

A Symphony of Social Media

In today’s digital era, the pulse of any campaign is often felt through its presence on social media. #BetterLighting thrived on this front, spreading its message across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Each platform became a stage where the campaign’s themes were performed to an audience eager for enlightenment. The diverse social media strategy ensured that the message of #BetterLighting resonated far and wide, reaching every corner of the industry and beyond.

The European Lighting Summit: A Milestone Event

The European Lighting Summit was not just an event but the crescendo of the #BetterLighting campaign. Themed “Delivering #BetterLighting,” the summit provided a physical space for the campaign’s ideals to manifest. With a dedicated conference website and visually synchronised social media accounts, the summit was a testament to the seamless integration of offline and online communication strategies. Video interviews and live updates amplified the event’s reach, ensuring that the message of #BetterLighting was not confined to the walls of the summit venue.

#inextremis: The Creative Force Behind the Campaign

The #BetterLighting campaign’s symphony of success owed much of its harmony to the collaborative efforts of LightingEurope’s managerial team and the creative maestros at #inextremis. Based in Brussels, #inextremis stands as a stalwart partner in communication, expertly blending event management, online platform development, publication creation, and social media engagement into a coherent strategy. This collaboration illuminated the path to success for the #BetterLighting campaign and set a benchmark for future endeavours in the industry.

A Beacon for the Future

As we reflect on the achievements of the #BetterLighting campaign, it’s clear that the fusion of strategic communication, creative collaboration, and digital innovation can create a powerful beacon for change. For those looking to navigate the complexities of industry-specific campaigns, we offer a guiding light, proving that with the right partner, the journey towards success can be enlightening and electrifying.