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Nonwovens, you say?

Published on
23 April 2024

Discover the Unsung Heroes of Everyday Life: Nonwovens

What links the comfortable running shoes you wear, the baby diapers that keep infants dry, the surgical masks protecting health professionals, the sturdy roads we travel on, and the air filters cleaning the air we breathe? The answer might surprise you: it’s nonwovens.

Often concealed yet omnipresent, nonwovens are integral from our first cry to our last breath, offering unmatched softness, breathability, and superior absorption. These materials are staples in countless everyday products and pioneers at the forefront of sustainability and technological innovation.

Nonwovens, You Say? This phrase marks the beginning of an enlightening campaign spearheaded by EDANA, highlighting the extensive benefits of nonwovens. Over 19 months, this initiative will unfold through engaging and imaginative activities. A dedicated website and various social media platforms will feature videos, animations, infographics, interviews, games, and events designed to amaze and inform you.

The Nonwovens, you say? campaign at INDEX20

The Nonwovens, you say? the campaign was presented at INDEX20, the world’s leading nonwovens exhibition.

INDEX20 is the most prominent global meeting place for the nonwovens market. The event occurs in Geneva from October 18 to 22. Palexpo Geneva and EDANA organise INDEX20, bringing together key players from every dimension of the innovative world of nonwovens.

On the EDANA stand, the #Nonwovensyousay? campaign is featured on a poster wall.

Nonwovens, you say? An exciting campaign by EDANA that spotlights the many benefits of nonwovens.

From engaging websites to dynamic social media, immersive videos to informative infographics, and captivating events to interactive games—our campaign thrived across every channel, crafting experiences that resonated and connected.

The campaign culminates a collaborative effort involving EDANA, the leading global association for the nonwovens industry, its members, and our communication agency, #inextremis. As part of each activity, we create a digital landmark. This centralised hub is the primary point of contact and allows us to monitor all campaign analytics from a unified call to action.

Based in Brussels, our communication agency #inextremis makes associations brands conversational and helps organisations engage with their stakeholders and convey their messages.


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