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Published on
24 April 2024

Celebrating Innovation and Sustainability: How #inextremis Elevated EDANA’s 50th Anniversary

In the picturesque heart of Europe, a beacon of innovation and sustainability was lit as EDANA, the esteemed voice of the nonwovens industry, marked its golden jubilee. The agency behind this milestone event was #inextremis, renowned for its flair in orchestrating and promoting landmark occasions.

The Nonwovens Get-Together, held at the end of April, celebrated past achievements and a forward-looking symposium that drew over 280 members, policymakers, and stakeholders. This illustrious gathering served as a testament to EDANA’s unwavering advocacy for the nonwovens sector—a sector pivotal in addressing modern challenges, particularly evident during the recent pandemic.

Mikael Staal Axelsen, from Fibertex Personal Care and the current chair of EDANA, encapsulated the event’s spirit, highlighting the sector’s drive towards sustainable development and ongoing innovation. The attendance of prominent figures such as Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice and Consumer Affairs, and Kerstin Jorna, Director General of DG Internal Market, underscored the industry’s significant influence and the high stakes of the discussions.

The role of #inextremis in this significant event was multifaceted, ensuring that every element of the Anniversary reflected EDANA’s core values: innovation, safety, and sustainability. From the immersive exhibition that showcased breakthroughs enhancing everyday life to the multi-channel communication campaign “Nonwovens You Say?”, the agency’s expertise in creating engaging and meaningful experiences shone brightly.

This exhibition not only celebrated the historical milestones but also educated attendees on nonwovens’ role in the circular economy, pushing the boundaries of sustainability by integrating circular raw materials throughout the value chain.

The success of the Nonwovens Get-Together and the conclusion of the “Nonwovens You Say?” campaign marked a pivotal moment for EDANA. It showcased #inextremis’s capacity to elevate industry events into impactful, memorable experiences. As a leader in strategic communication, #inextremis continues to be the go-to partner for organisations aiming to leave a lasting mark in their fields.

For organisations looking to cut through the noise and truly resonate with their audiences, partnering with an experienced communicator like #inextremis offers expertise and a proven track record of turning significant events into historical landmarks.