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Published on
16 April 2024

Reinventing Heritage: How #inextremis Revitalised APPLiA’s Brand Identity

Celebrating 60 years of innovation, the European Association for Home Appliances, APPLiA, unveiled a fresh brand identity that captures the essence of modernity and continuity. But what does it take to reinvent a brand with such deep roots? Enter #inextremis.

In the heart of Brussels, a remarkable transformation unfolded within the prestigious Bellevue museum’s walls. More than 200 distinguished guests, including policymakers, industry leaders, and influencers, gathered to witness the rebirth of a legacy—APPLiA’s new brand identity, orchestrated by the skilled hands of our communication agency #inextremis.

This rebranding wasn’t merely a facelift. It was the culmination of a rigorous year-long journey, embarked upon by the APPLiA team in close collaboration with #inextremis. The process began with a comprehensive identity audit and insightful surveys targeting internal and external stakeholders. These initial steps were crucial, laying the groundwork for a strategic brand redefinition.

The development of APPLiA’s new identity involved aligning the brand’s visual and communicative expressions with its evolving strategy and the dynamic landscape of the home appliance industry. It was about creating a brand that stands out and speaks out, echoing the association’s core values and aspirations.

The launch event itself showcased this new identity. It wasn’t just about revealing a new logo or tagline; it was about experiencing the ethos of APPLiA in every interaction, visual, and spoken word. The event was designed to immerse attendees in the spirit of the new brand, with video capsules featuring interviews with APPLiA staff highlighting the pillars of this transformative journey.

In today’s fast-paced world, differentiation is key, but relevance sustains a brand. This is where #inextremis excels. With over 30 years of experience in branding and communication, they do not just craft identities; they sculpt narratives that resonate with target audiences, ensuring alignment with strategic objectives.

If your organisation seeks a partner with experience, creativity, and strategic insight, look no further than #inextremis. As demonstrated with APPLiA, we turn brands into valuable assets, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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