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Published on
12 April 2024

Lighting the Way Forward: How #inextremis Powered the Success of the European Lighting Summit

In the bustling realm of professional communications, crafting campaigns that resonate and engage is paramount. This is precisely where the expertise of #inextremis shines, as demonstrated through their pivotal role in orchestrating the European Lighting Summit for LightingEurope under the banner of the #BetterLighting campaign.

A Strategic Spotlight on Industry Excellence

The European Lighting Summit is more than just an event; it’s a confluence of ideas and innovation to advance the lighting industry across Europe. As the spearhead of the #BetterLighting campaign, this summit has set benchmarks in promoting industry standards and enhancing visibility. LightingEurope, the continent’s primary voice for the lighting sector, has harnessed the strategic expertise of #inextremis to elevate the event and amplify its impact across multiple channels.

From Concept to Execution: A Multi-Phase Marvel

The collaboration between LightingEurope and #inextremis was meticulously structured, beginning with developing the web platform, This platform served as a central hub for information, effectively kicking off the campaign. As the campaign progressed, its presence was dynamically expanded across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, ensuring a broad and engaging reach.

Culminating in the Summit: Delivering #BetterLighting

The focal event of this collaboration, the European Lighting Summit, was a masterclass in thematic delivery under the theme “Delivering #BetterLighting”. The summit provided a stage for critical discussions and was supported by a robust online presence. A dedicated conference website kept attendees connected with the latest updates. At the same time, the visual synchronisation of LightingEurope’s social media profiles with the campaign themes ensured a cohesive and attractive digital footprint.

Additionally, the integration of video interviews added a personal touch to the digital outreach, allowing insights and highlights from the summit to be shared widely, further extending the event’s reach and impact.

A Testament to Collaborative Success

The success of the European Lighting Summit and the accompanying promotional campaign underscores the strength of the partnership between LightingEurope and #inextremis. This collaboration showcases how strategic communication, when executed effectively, can magnify the impact of an industry event, making it a beacon for professional and creative excellence.

Located in Brussels, a hub for European associations and corporations, #inextremis is a testament to what can be achieved when creativity meets strategy. For organisations looking to illuminate their paths with compelling communication strategies, #inextremis is an indispensable partner.

Through their demonstrated expertise in integrating events, online platforms, and social media development, #inextremis not only crafts messages but ensures they resonate and inspire. If your goal is to shine a spotlight on your initiatives, consider the proven prowess of #inextremis – where messages are not just seen but felt and remembered.