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Published on
18 April 2024

Celebrating a Milestone: How #inextremis Crafted a Successful 50th Anniversary for Seldia

The European Direct Selling industry recently marked a significant milestone with Seldia, the European Direct Selling Association, celebrating its 50th anniversary. This grand occasion was highlighted at the 7th European Direct Selling Conference, organised and promoted by our Brussels-based communication agency, #inextremis.

A Legacy of Excellence and Influence

Established in 1968, Seldia has long advocated for the direct selling industry within the EU, promoting its benefits and contributions to national economies. With 28 national associations and 18 corporate members under its banner, Seldia champions ethical business practices and high-quality products, fostering an environment of trust and excellence.

A Celebration of Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

The conference served as a benchmarking event and a platform to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that direct selling cultivates, particularly among women, who comprise 88% of the industry. It highlights direct selling as a haven for self-employment, nurturing a demographic with an average age of 43 and a high level of education.

Photo Thierry DAUWE

A Night of Awards and Recognition

The event also highlighted excellence within the industry through the Seldia Astra Awards. Accolades such as Best Service Provider, Best Direct Selling Association, and Best Company were awarded, alongside a Hall of Fame and Special 50th Anniversary & Recognition Award. These awards underscore the industry’s commitment to recognising outstanding contributions and achievements.

#inextremis: At the Heart of the Celebration

Behind the scenes, #inextremis was instrumental in ensuring the event’s success. From organising the conference logistics to managing a dynamic social media campaign, the agency demonstrated its expertise in handling significant, high-stakes events.

As we reflect on this landmark event, it is clear that #inextremis has not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering a celebration worthy of Seldia’s 50 years of influence and success in the European direct selling landscape. Their meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of brand and event communication is a testament to why they are the partner of choice for such pivotal occasions. For organisations looking to make a mark in their industry or celebrate milestones of their own, #inextremis is the ideal partner, ready to translate visionary ideas into memorable realities.

Photo Thierry DAUWE