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Liquid Gas Europe

Published on
14 April 2024

Igniting a New Era: How #inextremis Fuelled Liquid Gas Europe’s Brand Transformation

In the bustling heart of Brussels, something truly remarkable has taken shape in the digital landscape of the energy sector. Liquid Gas Europe, formerly the European LPG Association, has unveiled a transformative rebranding that marks a significant milestone in its history. This rebranding is not just about a new name or logo—it is a comprehensive rejuvenation of a brand reflecting its pivotal role in Europe’s energy framework, perfectly orchestrated by our seasoned professionals at #inextremis.

A 50-Year Legacy Reimagined

The occasion? Liquid Gas Europe’s 50th anniversary. This golden jubilee was not merely celebrated with a slice of cake but was an opportunity to signal a bold step forward. The association unveiled its new identity at a cocktail party that saw the gathering of industry leaders and innovators. This was a declaration of its readiness to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving digital arena.

More Than a New Logo

The new logo of Liquid Gas Europe, vibrant and dynamic, captures the essence of versatility and modernity. Through playful colour schemes and geometric patterns, it stands out in the digital clutter, symbolising the industry’s resilience and capacity for innovation. This visual transformation extends beyond aesthetics; it’s a signpost for the organisation’s renewed commitment to promoting sustainable and efficient energy solutions across Europe.

Digital Mastery by #inextremis

Underpinning this seismic shift was the expertise of #inextremis, our Brussels-based communication agency known for its strategic insight and creative prowess. The rebranding process was a meticulous journey, beginning with intensive workshops that set the strategic digital direction. Every aspect of the association’s digital presence was thoughtfully redesigned—from its website, now a hub of user-friendly and engaging content, to snappy video capsules on YouTube, revitalised social media platforms, and even the day-to-day tools like email signatures and PowerPoint presentations.

A Collaborative Triumph

This transformation was steered by a Branding Committee, including Liquid Gas Europe’s top management and key industry representatives, in close partnership with #inextremis. Our collaborative approach ensured that every facet of the brand’s digital and physical touchpoints was aligned with the overarching strategic vision.

Positioned for the Future

Today, Liquid Gas Europe is a leader in the LPG industry and a beacon of innovative branding in the digital age. For organisations looking to redefine themselves or enhance their industry standing, #inextremis offers services and partnerships that drive growth and visibility in an interconnected world.

Are you ready to explore what a profound brand transformation could look like for your organisation? With #inextremis, your next giant leap is just a consultation away. Connect with us to begin your journey towards a remarkable brand evolution.