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Published on
3 April 2024

Unveiling the CLEPA Innovation Awards Website: A Masterclass in Event Site Design

The CLEPA Innovation Awards, a hallmark event in the automotive supply industry, marked a series of consecutive collaborations between #inextremis and CLEPA, underscoring a synergy that blends creative mastery with industrial expertise.

These editions, organised by Clepa and supported by Deloitte and celebrated for their focus on pioneering achievements in Europe’s Green and Digital transition, demonstrated the profound impact of automotive suppliers in driving forward mobility transformation. With an impressive €30 billion invested annually in R&D, the automotive supply industry is at the heart of this innovative journey.

The event’s success is multifaceted, with winners and nominees gaining significant exposure through CLEPA’s channels, media outlets, and national associations. This exposure is instrumental in showcasing the latest advancements and connecting participants with key European players.

#inextremis integral contribution to the event is illuminated in their development of a lasting visual identity. This includes an iconic logo and a user-centric website design, coupled with their proficiency in producing compelling video content. Their collaborative efforts have articulated the story of automotive innovation, encapsulating its extensive possibilities. This achievement is a testament to the synergistic partnership with CLEPA’s communications team, adeptly led by Filipa Rio, which highlights the power of united expertise in shaping a narrative of technological progress and future potential.

The awards celebrated advancements across several categories, including:

– Green Innovations: Emphasising sustainable mobility through developments in electrification, alternative powertrains, green services, and sustainable products.

– Digital Advancements: Highlighting the transformative role of digitalisation in the industry, focusing on connected and automated driving, user-centric experiences, and safety & security technologies.

– Safety: Recognising technologies to create a safer transportation ecosystem, with the ambitious goal of zero casualties by 2050.

– Cooperation: Celebrating collaborative efforts across various organisations and institutions that contribute to innovative mobility technology.

The 2023 edition’s top innovators, selected from various organisations, including SMEs and startups, were unveiled during a special ceremony in Brussels on 18 October 2023. These innovators represent the breadth and depth of expertise in the industry.

The applications were rigorously assessed by an international jury of experts from various fields, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the innovations.

The 2023 CLEPA Innovation Awards, bolstered by #inextremis’ creative partnership, not only celebrated the industry’s current achievements but also set the stage for future innovations. This event is a testament to the dynamic fusion of creativity and industry, driving the narrative of automotive innovation.

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