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ASD, the voice of European Aerospace, Security and Defence Industries

Published on
2 March 2024

Crafting the Future: #inextremis Designs a Visionary Logo for ASD’s Key Event

In a world where visual communication is paramount, logo design is a branding tool and narrative medium.#inextremis had the distinct honour of designing the logo for a prestigious event hosted by ASD—the leading voice in European Aerospace, Security, and Defence Industries. This event, structured around the foundational pillars of Values, Research & Technology (R&T), and Innovation, alongside Environmental sustainability, was a conference at a confluence of visionary ideas and commitments.

ASD, with its extensive network comprising 25 major European companies and 25 National Associations, represents over 4,000 companies across 21 European countries. Their influence in the aerospace and defence industry is profound, with members collectively employing 921,000 individuals and generating a turnover of €261 billion in 2022, accounting for 97% of the industry’s turnover within the EU Member States. Their mission is robust—to support the competitive development of the sector not just within Europe but globally. This mission is crucial as it shapes policy positions, fosters industry cooperation with EU institutions, and spearheads numerous market development and technological research projects.

When #inextremis was approached to develop the logo for such a significant event, the challenge was encapsulating ASD’s overarching themes into a single emblematic design. The logo needed to reflect the core themes of the event: Values, symbolising the ethical foundation; R&T, representing cutting-edge advancements; Innovation, marking the drive towards novel solutions; and Environmental sustainability, highlighting the commitment to ecological stewardship.

The design process at #inextremis is deeply immersive, involving a thorough understanding of the client’s identity and the message they wish to convey. For ASD, the logo was crafted to resonate with the attendees and serve as a beacon of ASD’s dedication to leading the aerospace and defence sectors towards a sustainable and innovative future. The final design was an explosion of creativity and strategic thought, symbolising unity, forward-thinking, and a deep commitment to societal and environmental values.

The success of this project underscores # inextremis’s expertise in translating complex concepts into compelling visual stories. This makes us the ideal partner for organisations aiming to make a profound impact through their branding efforts. Whether a global institution, a European association, or a significant corporation, #inextremis has the creativity, experience, and strategic insight to bring your vision to life.

For those at the helm of communication, looking to craft a message that resonates and inspires, #inextremis stands ready as your creative ally. Let us help you navigate the intricate branding and visual storytelling world to achieve unparalleled engagement and success.