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Published on
28 February 2024

ASECAP Days Logo: Emblem of Connectivity and Progress

The ASECAP Days symbolise two dedicated study sessions held annually by ASECAP, the European Association of Operators of Toll Road Infrastructures.

The ASECAP Study and Information Days centred on harnessing lessons learned to advance safe and innovative mobility solutions. These discussions aimed to stimulate investments that align with the EU’s objectives, including achieving zero fatalities and reducing CO2 emissions, thereby boosting economic recovery post-pandemic.

The logo of ASECAP Days, designed by #inextremis in 2012, represents a motorway interchange, symbolising the crossroads of ideas and knowledge exchange typical of these enriching study days and international conferences. The logo’s colour scheme changes annually, reflecting each hosting country’s ethos and the conference’s locale.

Since 2012, ASECAP has entrusted #inextremis with its visual communication strategy and collateral production, leveraging its corporate and institutional communication expertise.

Today, ASECAP is a pivotal European association, with its members operating over 86,000 km of motorways, bridges, and tunnels across 20 countries. The organisation actively engages with relevant international bodies, EU institutions, and key industry stakeholders to champion the interests of its members and promote a comprehensive, cooperative approach to transport.

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