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Published on
10 April 2024

Revitalising Your Digital Presence with Precision and Creativity

Artistic considerations are often not enough to justify a website’s redesign. In practice, enhancing interactivity facilitates navigation and bolsters the communication strategy.

Speaking of strategy, setting clear objectives is crucial.

The primary goal of the LightingEurope website’s restructuring is to be more effective in engaging with its two primary audiences.

Firstly, those within the Brussels sphere must be able to swiftly grasp LightingEurope’s positions, ambitions, and pertinent facts. Secondly, participants in the European lighting market need immediate access to LightingEurope’s priorities and guiding documents.

Given this context, it was a logical progression for LightingEurope to enlist our agency, #inextremis, as its longstanding collaborator for crafting its communication materials.

Through intense and collaborative efforts, the partnership between LightingEurope’s communication team and the digital experts at #inextremis has produced a new website that is decidedly effective, modern, and pertinent.

At #inextremis, we have a track record of executing substantial web-based communication projects for renowned European institutions, trade associations, and global corporations.

Our straightforward process includes meticulous follow-ups and quality checks, ensuring our clients enjoy maximum satisfaction and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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