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Alcohol: The Right to Know!

Published on
8 April 2024

Crafting the Message: How #inextremis Engineered Eurocare’s Communication Success

In the dynamic field of public health advocacy, the right communication strategy can spark monumental change. This was exemplified in the campaign by #inextremis for Eurocare, titled “Alcohol: The Right to Know!” This initiative showcased a meticulously planned approach to influencing EU policymakers and reshaping public perceptions about alcohol consumption.

Strategic Foundations

The cornerstone of this campaign was its sophisticated communication strategy—AWARH22—targeting EU policymakers with a message of awareness, health, and commitment. The central hub for this initiative was the AWARH website, serving as a key informational resource.

Phased Communication Approach
Pre-Event Awareness and Interest

Before the campaign week, the website was strategically divided into three main sections. The homepage featured provocative queries under “what’s on fire,” sparking curiosity and engagement. A detailed program of the week’s events and a ‘Keyfact’ section provided scientific backing for the campaign’s arguments, effectively setting the stage for deeper engagement. Social media complemented these efforts, utilising hashtags #Alcohol and #RightToKnow to track engagement and spread the message.

Peak Campaign Week: Building Desire

The website’s content pivoted to the ‘recommendations’ section during the campaign week. This area laid out specific calls to action directed at EU policymakers, urging them to embrace mandatory labelling and conflict of interest avoidance in health policy. Each recommendation was supported by robust, evidence-based information, pushing for a legislative framework that respects the citizen’s right to know.

Post-Campaign Action

Following the campaign week, the focus shifted to action. Visuals with compelling Calls to Action were disseminated across social media, emphasising the urgent need for policy change. Using additional hashtags like #Labelling and #HealthWarning helped maintain momentum and monitor the campaign’s impact through tools like Google Analytics.

Measuring Impact and Influence

The campaign’s strategic use of digital tools like hashtags and Google Analytics allowed for real-time monitoring and adjustments. This data-driven approach ensured that the campaign’s message was heard and acted upon, demonstrating #inextremis’s adeptness at crafting messages that resonate and lead to tangible outcomes.


Through the “Alcohol: The Right to Know!” campaign, #inextremis has again demonstrated its prowess in steering powerful communication strategies that engage, inform, and inspire action. Their role in guiding Eurocare through this intricate process highlights their capability as a prime partner for any entity aiming to make a significant impact through strategic communication.

For organisations looking to make a profound impact in their advocacy or communication efforts, partnering with #inextremis is not just a choice but a strategic decision towards success.