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Future As We Move

Published on
5 April 2024

Shaping Tomorrow: How #inextremis Delivered a Cutting-Edge Campaign for CLEPA

Communication is the cornerstone of innovation and influence in a world constantly racing towards new horizons. At #inextremis, we have orchestrated a compelling suite of communication tools and a dynamic social media campaign for CLEPA, the authoritative voice of European automotive suppliers.

CLEPA, representing over 3,000 companies and 5,000,000 employees, is at the vanguard of the automotive industry. This mammoth investment in research and innovation, exceeding €30 billion annually, is pivotal for advancing safe, innovative, and sustainable mobility solutions. At the core of their mission is a future where mobility facilitates societal well-being and economic vitality. It is a platform for technological leadership and a competitive edge in Europe.

Under the evocative theme “Future as we move”, our team at #inextremis took on the challenge of transforming CLEPA’s vision into a narrative that resonates across multiple platforms. This campaign was not merely about outlining the what and the who but about envisaging the why and the how of future mobility. It invited an open dialogue aimed at redefining the pathways to safer, cleaner, and more innovative mobility that is accessible and diverse for all.

Our approach’s cornerstone was creating integrated communication materials that spoke to the stakeholders and engaged them actively. From eye-catching digital designs to succinct and powerful messaging, each piece was crafted to ensure consistency and coherence with the campaign’s overarching message.

On social media, our strategy was to engage audiences through thought-provoking content highlighting CLEPA’s leadership in technological innovation and its commitment to transforming the mobility landscape. The campaign fostered a community of like-minded individuals and organisations eager to shape mobility’s future through informative posts, interactive dialogues, and strategic partnerships.

Our collaboration with CLEPA exemplifies how #inextremis can amplify the voice of global leaders and innovators. We ensure our clients share their vision and inspire action and change by weaving together strategic insight with creative prowess. This campaign is a testament to our commitment to excellence and expertise in driving conversations that matter in sustainability and technological advancement.

For heads of communication and communication managers looking to make a definitive impact in their sectors, partnering with #inextremis means choosing a team that stands at the confluence of creativity, strategy, and results-oriented communication. Let us help you craft your following narrative and make the future as we move a reality for your organisation.