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Published on
8 April 2024

APPLiA’s Reimagined Brand: Unlocking the Future of Europe’s Home Appliance Industry

Discover the innovative APPLiA website—a vibrant, interactive gateway that genuinely embodies the visual identity of APPLiA.

Based in Brussels, this prominent trade association represents a significant segment of Europe’s manufacturing industry in terms of turnover and employment. As the authoritative voice of the home appliance industry in Europe, APPLiA plays a vital role in shaping our everyday lives, and its newly designed website stands as a testament to this significant impact.

This engaging platform is the result of several months of collaborative effort. The project was spearheaded by Paolo Falcioni, General Director of APPLiA, in partnership with #inextremis.

The exercise was Initiated with an in-depth review of the brand’s identity five years post-rebranding. Our agency, known for its role in the previous branding, worked closely with APPLiA’s team to develop a system for assessing the impact of the organisation’s communication activities.

This process, enhanced by detailed questionnaires and workshops, fortified the association’s visual framework, setting the stage for a transformative website overhaul in line with the rapid changes of recent years.

The outcome perfectly represents APPLiA’s new strategic communications direction, which is aimed at serving the European home appliance sector.

In Brussels, #inextremis is renowned for executing significant branding projects for prestigious institutions, European associations, and global corporations.

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