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Published on
29 March 2024

How #inextremis is Building the FIEC Brand Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow

In the bustling heart of Brussels, where ideas pave the way for innovation and sustainability, one agency stands out in its endeavour to shape future narratives. #inextremis, with over three decades of expertise in strategic communication and branding, has prioritised developing the brand for the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC). This partnership illuminates a pathway towards a greener, more innovative European construction industry.

Reinforcing Industry Pillars with Strategic Branding

Established in 1905, FIEC represents a broad spectrum of construction enterprises, from local artisans and SMEs to large multinational corporations, across 27 European countries. As the officially recognised Social Partner in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue “Construction,” FIEC’s voice influences policies that shape our environment.

In partnership with #inextremis, FIEC’s brand strategy amplifies this influential voice. The key? Engaging directly with European institutions to advocate for the industry’s vast needs and potential. This strategic brand development is not merely about visibility; it’s about fostering an understanding among policymakers and the public of the construction sector’s critical role in our daily lives and future.

Advocating for Sustainability and Innovation

As Europe strides towards the ambitious targets set by the EU Green Deal, FIEC, with the creative support of #inextremis, champions the green transition within the construction industry. Their collaborative efforts aim to promote sustainable development, ensuring that construction methods contribute positively to the environment and societal well-being. The agency’s innovative communication strategies are pivotal in pushing for a public procurement system that levels the playing field for all, highlighting the importance of including SMEs in these discussions to safeguard their specific interests.

Furthermore, #inextremis helps FIEC promote a sustainable transport and energy infrastructure network crucial for the EU’s long-term growth. By fostering cooperation and best practice exchanges among FIEC members and key industry players, the agency enhances FIEC’s mission to lead the sector towards innovative horizons and digital transformation.

Shaping a Future-Ready Industry

Through #inextremis’s expert brand stewardship, FIEC is positioned at the forefront of advocating for a construction industry that builds structures and upholds sustainability, safety, and innovation values. The agency’s deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of EU-funded projects and public communications allows it to craft compelling narratives that resonate across borders, making it the ideal partner for institutions like FIEC.

In essence, the collaboration between FIEC and #inextremis is more than just branding—crafting a vision for a sustainable and innovative future. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to enhancing the construction industry’s role in shaping a resilient Europe, ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow with solid foundations built on progressive policies and inclusive growth strategies.