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Published on
21 February 2024

Revitalising Brussels’ Premier Sports Venue: Prosport Leads at King Baudouin Stadium

In the heart of Brussels, Prosport spearheads the promotion of Belgium’s most prominent football arena, the King Baudouin Stadium. Prosport ensures the stadium is utilised to its full potential by organising diverse events.

The reinvented brand, Prosport, is designed to be a gathering point for like-minded individuals. It aims to foster shared experiences that build positive emotional connections.

#inextremis has developed a dynamic visual system for Prosport. The creative designers have crafted a signature element that defines the brand while allowing flexibility within other components.

We stand out in an era where the internet, social media, and technological innovation empower brands to evolve like living entities. Specialising in branding and developing both digital and traditional media, the agency excels in transforming concepts into memorable visual narratives.

Located in Brussels, we possess deep institutional and corporate communication expertise. Our multidisciplinary team is adept at articulating and expressing the essence of your organisation through exceptional visual strategies.