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Published on
7 March 2024

DigiPLACE Unveils Its New Logo – Embarking on a Digital Transformation Journey

DigiPLACE has proudly unveiled a brand-new logo, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards revolutionising the European construction sector!

Funded by the EU, DigiPLACE boasts a robust budget of €1 million dedicated to creating a comprehensive roadmap for a Digital Platform for Construction in Europe. This project represents an innovative framework that facilitates the development of future digital platforms. These platforms are envisioned as typical ecosystems of digital services, bolstering innovation, commerce, and more.

A central element of DigiPLACE is the establishment of a Reference Architecture Framework for digital construction platforms. This framework is based on an EU-wide consensus and involves a broad community of stakeholders. The outcome is a strategic roadmap aimed at successfully implementing this architecture.

Significantly, this project is the first-ever initiative targeting the construction industry’s digital transformation to receive funding from the Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content, and Technology (DG CONNECT).

CECE, the European Construction Equipment Committee, will oversee the project’s communication and dissemination activities. Their responsibilities include managing the project’s website, handling social media interactions, planning and organising events, and disseminating the project’s results.

In a strategic move, CECE has selected #inextremis as its partner to execute these tasks efficiently. The fresh DigiPLACE logo symbolises the commencement of this exciting adventure, embodying the collaborative efforts between the CECE team and our creative unit.

With over thirty years of expertise steering organisations towards defining and articulating their unique identities, #inextremis is ideally positioned to support this transformative project. This partnership underscores the commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the construction industry’s digital landscape.