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Published on
22 March 2024

Showcasing Environmental Commitment: How Spadel Integrates Sustainability into Its Brand Identity

How can a brand visually express its environmental sensitivity? Take, for instance, Spadel, a European family-owned business group.

Spadel specialises in producing and marketing natural mineral waters, spring waters, and refreshing mineral water soft drinks. Deeply rooted in their natural parks and mountains of origin, Spadel’s brands — SPA, BRU, Carolla, Wattwiller, and Devin — are celebrated for enhancing health with their optimal mineral content.

Since its inception, the Spadel group has embodied a pioneering spirit for environmental advocacy. Recognising the impact of its economic activities on nature, Spadel continually implements ambitious initiatives to safeguard the environment.

Historically, the company has championed regional significance by positioning itself as a human leader. Its brands are deeply connected to their local regions, showing utmost respect for their sources’ catchment areas and preserving the natural benefits of their waters.

In 2012, Spadel enlisted the expertise of #inextremis for a strategic rebranding to further highlight its environmental focus in its visual identity. This rebranding included crafting a set of guidelines applicable across the group’s various locations.

The logo’s blue hues, varying in intensity, create an aquatic ambience, while the newly refined typography evokes water droplets. A green line meticulously handcrafted below the brand name underscores Spadel’s deep connection with nature, emphasising authenticity and uniqueness.

At the core of Spadel’s strategy is a commitment to sustainable development, demonstrated through tangible, measurable actions to protect the environment. These include reducing their carbon footprint, focusing on packaging recycling, conserving biodiversity, and establishing secure catchment protection perimeters to ensure safety for both employees and local communities.

Spadel’s dedication to environmental stewardship has earned them numerous accolades, awards, and certifications, further motivating them to enhance and rethink their interaction with the world.

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