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Published on
10 March 2024

Crafting an Impactful Narrative: How #inextremis Elevated NOHA’s Brand through Strategic Communication

In the evolving landscape of humanitarian action, the role of higher education institutions is pivotal. The Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA), rooted in academic prowess and collaborative spirit, has significantly advanced the professionalism in humanitarian aid. The origins of NOHA trace back to 1993, when a visionary group of five universities recognised the need for academic involvement in humanitarian efforts. They embarked on a pioneering journey, crafting a space for universities within that time’s limited humanitarian stakeholder mix. This initiative has grown into a robust network of 18 partner universities globally, offering a multidisciplinary Master’s degree in International Humanitarian Action supported by thematic schools and an undergraduate module.

Enter #inextremis, a distinguished communication agency with over three decades of experience and a profound understanding of the nuanced demands of branding and communication within the European context. Their involvement with NOHA enhances visibility and enriches the essence of what NOHA stands for—integrating academic excellence into practical humanitarian action.

The branding journey by #inextremis for NOHA was meticulously designed to resonate with the core values of both academic and humanitarian spheres. The strategic approach was twofold: first, to amplify the unique academic contributions to humanitarian principles, and second, to foster a stronger connection between current professionals and potential entrants into this vital field.

Through their creative and thoughtful branding strategies, #inextremis has successfully positioned NOHA as a beacon of educational excellence and a central hub for global humanitarian discourse. The Journal of International Humanitarian Action, an initiative supported by NOHA, serves as a testament to their commitment to research and publication, providing a platform for critical discourse and innovative ideas.

The impact of # inextremis’s work is evident in the heightened profile of NOHA’s educational programs, which have attracted over 3,500 graduates who now form an active alumni community. These alumni are pivotal in driving forward the humanitarian principles cultivated during their education, supported by the extensive network of professors and lecturers that comprise NOHA’s academic backbone.

For communication heads and managers looking to make a meaningful difference in their organisations, the collaboration between NOHA and #inextremis offers a compelling blueprint. It exemplifies how strategic communication and branding can elevate an organisation’s profile and profoundly influence its operational ethos.

The partnership between NOHA and #inextremis is a prime example of how targeted communication strategies can transform an educational initiative into a globally recognised pillar of humanitarian action. This case study not only underscores the importance of integrating academic insights into practical applications but also highlights the role of expert communication strategies in amplifying such collaborations’ impact.