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ZHAGA Consortium

Published on
25 February 2024

Revolutionising Lighting: The Zhaga Consortium’s Bold New Brand Identity

The Zhaga Consortium’s new brand identity marks the culmination of an extensive rebranding process. This transformative journey unfolded through a series of rich, creative dialogues involving Zhaga’s team, its members, and the multidisciplinary expertise of the branding agency #inextremis.

The Zhaga Consortium is a pivotal organisation within the global lighting industry dedicated to standardising the interfaces of LED luminaire components. These include LED light engines, modules, arrays, holders, electronic control gear (LED drivers), and connectivity fit systems.

Zhaga’s initiative opens new avenues across the lighting value chain, fostering innovations beyond traditional lighting solutions.

The “Z” logo is not just a mark of quality; it signifies the certification of interoperable components. It is a trusted indicator that ensures components can be upgraded and easily maintained.

Our agency’s approach to branding is founded on a straightforward premise: to be truly valuable, a brand strategy must resonate deeply with the organisation’s overarching goals.

A robust brand strategy offers a cohesive, central theme that harmonises all actions, behaviours, and communications. Every element must support this envisioned identity for an organisation to be perceived in a desired manner.

When a dynamic brand strategy is crafted and executed with clarity and consistency, it transforms your brand into a significant, enduring asset for your organisation.

A definitive brand empowers you to communicate your core values to your target audiences effectively.

At #inextremis, we assist you in articulating and establishing a brand strategy that defines and amplifies your organisation’s essence.

Our Belgian branding agency ensures your organisation delivers a consistent and relevant message through all its communications, reinforcing your presence in the industry and beyond.